Instagram Content Consulting


Instagram Creative Consulting

I started my Instagram account in 2015 and have gradually been devoting more and more time to it.  Getting to over 240k followers and developing a wonderful and engaged community has been hard work, but I do feel that I have gained a huge amount of experience on content strategies and some of the many pitfalls that can kill engagement

Group Sessions

I plan to host monthly group sessions aimed at Instagram newbies.  We will cover some of the more basic tips in a relaxed environment, focusing on content creation and understanding the power of the many features in Instagram such as stories and IGTV.   If you would be interested in attending my next session, please contact me


Whether you are a brand  with a business account , or just building your personal profile on Instagram, I offer bespoke consulting where I will share more detailed and specific experiences such as best tips for viral posts, hashtag strategies, and the navigating the ever elusive algorithm.  Reach out to me if you would be interested in arranging a session


Although the sessions I offer are based mainly on the artistic side of  content  creation, I do have  certifications from the Hootsuite Academy (Certified Professional - Social Marketing) and Wharton Online (Viral Marketing and how to craft contagious content)